Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My favorite day of the year

I love the day after Christmas. Today especially, because the kids had such a wonderful Christmas. They both have so many new things that I haven't heard any whining and no one has said "I'm so BORING, Mom." like the other 364 days of the year. This year we banned playsets, stuffed animals, action figures, and the like. The result? Things they both love and actually use on a regular basis. Christmas is so frantic and busy; rushing from here to there, trying to see everyone, exchange gifts, eat, and so on. Today we just stay in our jammies and enjoy our new things. We didn't even think about naptime today because both the kids were so well behaved...we looked at the clock and realized it was 2 and promptly put them to bed. It has just been such an easy going day. After nap, we are going to play outside on the trampoline, with the Gigaball and sandbox. Then we might take KayTar for a spin on the trike and let BubTar race his remote control Mater up and down the block for a bit. But while they are sleeping, Josh and I will be enjoying season 6 of CSI which we received from his Grandma yesterday. :)

Happy December 26th, the best day of the year!


Karianna said...

Indeed, Happy-Day-After! :)

Anonymous said...

I've always loved boxing day, too.

The in-laws just left today, so our happy letdown actually starts tomorrow.

Em said...

We call it boxing day and it is the best day of the year! Glad you're all having fun over there :)

Cristina said...

That sounds like a very nice day indeed! Merry Day-After-Christmas to you and your family.

ewe are here said...

Boxing Day is our anniversary, so I'm rather fond of it myself! ;-)

Wishing much cheer to you and yours!

Andrea said...

R/C Mater? Oh my gosh. Can't believe I didn't see that one.
You painted a wonderful picture! Wish I could be there. Oh wait, we had one of those days too. :)