Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Overheard in the Kitchen

As Josh and I hugged in the kitchen a few nights ago, this was the dialogue:
Josh: I need a vibrator.
Kyla: (insert shocked face) WHAT?!?
Josh: I said, I need a vibrator.
Kyla: (lets go of Josh) YOU need a VIBRATOR?
Josh: Yah, that's what I said. (looking confused)
Kyla: A VIBRATOR? WHAT? (looking VERY confused)
Josh: Oh, OH! No, not THAT kind of vibrator. I need something that vibrates to try and get something loose from the refrigerator coils.

The man has a way with words.

Later...long enough for us both to forget the conversation...

Josh: I used your toothbrush as a vibrator.
Kyla: What the he-
Josh: No! For the coils!

Sigh. And also *chuckle, chuckle*.


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tee hee

Andrea said...

Eeeewww. You can boil that toothbrush, you know. :)