Thursday, December 14, 2006

My kiddo is adorable

In a distraction from the rage that I am currently consumed by, I present to you, KayTar the GreaT(ar).
She signs B, L, D, and E. She says B (which is incredibly hilarious for some reason) and D, even though it sounds more like "DAY!".

And since you asked, why YES she was eating chicken nuggets for dinner. And she has been eating stage 3's for a week without a single gag, AND she is feeding herself cinnamon toast waffles for breakfast each day. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

She IS amazing. Thanks for sharing her with us.

(And, go chicken nuggets!)

Em said...

That's fantastic! Your daughter is now officially eating more than mine :) (G won't touch nuggets or stage 3 food ... grrrrr)