Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We woke up at 5 this morning. Yeah...that said 5. We aren't morning people. Nope, nope, nope. BubTar couldn't sleep any longer so we caved. KayTar slept until 7-ish which is VERY early for her, too. They had a great morning. Santa left a trike and a sandbox for KayTar, and a desk for BubTar with the first clue in a treasure hunt for a second gift. He had a blast following the hints. And it ended with an exclamation of "IT'S A TRAM-FO-WEEN!", otherwise known as a trampoline. We had just finished up opening gifts when KayTar awoke. She saw her trike and that was enough for her. She sat on it and had her brother fetch and open her new gifts, and she inspected them from her tricycle throne. :) She kept signing "Bike!" and smiling so big. We lured her off of the bike to try out her new rocking armchair, which she also loved. From there she checked out her Laugh N Learn Chair and finally we opened the sandbox filled with rice and beans. It was SO messy, but they both had a blast. From now on, the sandbox will be outdoors, not in the living room. ;)I think they both got everything they could have wanted and then a bit more. Of course, the only thing BubTar asked Santa for was "Orange know you can buy it at Walmart, Santa?" so he was easy to please. KayTar is in love with her trike and everything else is just gravy. Even though we woke at an ungodly hour, it was a great morning and everyone enjoyed it.

I hope you all had similarly wonderful mornings and have a day filled with family and fun. Merry Christmas!


jo(e) said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Andrea said...

Great story! I'm so happy for you! Hey, the waking at 5:00 thing, that's what we did here. Oh well, can't have everything, right?
Happy Christmas to you all!

Run ANC said...

We got the Boy a fantastic Radio Flyer trike for Christmas, and all he could talk about was the 99 cent stickers I put in his stocking...hopefully he will appreciate the bike this summer!

ewe are here said...

Sounds like a lovely morning!
And such happy faces!

Merry belated Christmas to all!