Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer so far...

Since summer started on June 8th (one month ago):

We watched The Muppets outside in the park with friends.
Josh and BubTar had a week of Twilight Camp for scouts, while KayTar and I had girls' nights for a week!

BubTar had 3 weeks of GT camp where he learned about and made different types of art.

We had 2 game nights with friends.

Josh and I went out to play Bingo at a bar with friends (and Josh got a Bingo!).
The boys spent 3 days camping at the scout ranch.

KayTar and I went ice skating with friends.

KayTar and I had friends over for movie night to watch The Princess Bride.
We all went bowling with friends and BubTar was such a good sport (not his usual reaction to bowling).

Josh and I went out to Kemah to eat, watch fireworks, and ride rides with our best friends for the 4th.

We went to a minor league baseball game with friends. After the game we heard a symphony concert and watched fireworks. It was KayTar's first baseball game, her first time on a carousel, and her first time being up past midnight for fun reasons. She was SO excited about the fireworks and gasped/exclaimed something after every one of them. She also shouted "OH MY GOSH, THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!"

And there has been a lot of swimming, of course!

I'd say we are having a pretty awesome summer so far! :)


S said...

Looks like it to me! Yay!

dlefler said...

Oh, summer is AWESOME! I wish it could last forever (though that might be mostly because of the unending snow that usually arrives in the winter)! You guys are having a great summer so far!!

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Shellye said...

It looks like you're having a great summer! I'm glad KayTar was able to ride the carousel, stay up past midnight for fun, and that she said it was the best day ever!!! I'm glad things are going well!