Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a Thursday.

5:25 The alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:34 The alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:43 The alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

5:52 The alarm goes off. I hit snooze, but my eyes are open. I can't will myself to get out of bed.

6:01 The alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

6:03 I get out of bed. Grumble, grumble. Stumble to the front room...pull a Zevex bag out of the box, stumble to kitchen. Mix KayTar's cornstarch and water for her feed, add a Pediasure. Stagger upstairs, hang on IV pole, attach to pump, plug her in and hit run.

6:11 Make coffee. Coffee! Turn on flat iron. Fix big cup of coffee with sugar and light vanilla soy milk. Grab iPad, start Pandora. Check email, send email to Govt professor to see if the exam is today. I was out on Thursday and there was no class on Tuesday. Straighten hair. Do make-up.

6:42 Hear KayTar's pump beep, "Joshie, she is beeping. Time to wake up. Her clothes are on the doorknob." Get dressed. Sign BubTar's homework and reading folder. Prep KayTar's lunch feed and pack it in her feeding backpack. Tell KayTar to put on her socks and shoes. Tell BubTar to put on his shoes and belt. Wait for someone to be ready for hair-do time.

6:57 Tell KayTar to get her socks and shoes on again. Tell BubTar to put his other shoe on. Come on guys...we're running behind! Tell Josh to pack KayTar and extra sausage patty, because she hasn't had anything leftover for snack this week...nothing she would eat, that is.

7:03 KayTar is ready for her ponytail. BubTar is ready for his mega-wave. Put on my shoes.

7:12 I prep my backpack, iPad, phone, keys, notebooks. Grab a pack of Emerald S'mores Blend nuts and a pack of grapes from the fridge. Make another cup of coffee to go. give KayTar her Advair and chamber, "I-I can do it, Mama!" Put stuff in the car, go back inside to remind Josh to put KayTar in her before they leave. Add an extra booster seat in the car, one of KayTar's classmates is coming over after school.

7:25 On the road. The radio was disappointing this morning, lots of talk and commercials, not enough of my favorite songs.

8:05 Park the car. Walk to school. Go to bathroom. Go to class, read in the hall while I wait for our chronically late professor.

8:37 Enter class, ask the SI if I was given the wrong worksheet on Tuesday...the answer is yes. I did the wrong homework, because the professor handed me the wrong thing. Joy. Hear the professor say we have a quiz. Freak out. I didn't study! She said it was on Tuesday! "Whoops, I misspoke." she says. She always mixes up Tues and Thurs. I haven't even practiced the material on account of getting the WRONG worksheet! I give it my best effort, but I KNOW I failed. I put a note on it, "I thought the quiz was Tuesday and was given the wrong worksheet on Tuesday." I'm embarrassed to turn the thing in. When she collects homework, I show her the sheet she gave me, "Oops. I guess that is why you had a hard time." She says I can turn the correct sheet in on Tuesday...but that won't fix that quiz grade. Blurg! I text Josh about the quiz. I need him to feel sorry for me. I take notes, eat my nuts and grapes. Make a note that we have another quiz on Tuesday.

10:21 Class is out. I go to the lounge to start writing this, while listening to punk rock. I'm mega-frustrated about that quiz. Still waiting to hear from my Govt professor about the exam. I need to know soon, so I can study...or not. Check my email, check in on a message board I frequent.

11:07 Head to the cafeteria to grab lunch...2 soft tacos.

11:11 Head to library lab to study for test even though I don't know if we have one.

11:26 Finish reviewing slides. Rush to class...find out there is no exam. Professor is late...again. Take note on the iPad for the first time...I'm usually a hand-writer. Quiz at the end of class, I do fine on account of that last minute exam cramming. Guess it worked out.

12:40 Class over. Go to bathroom. What is the deal with women peeing on seats?! Sit and use a seat cover unless you are a which case, please use the OTHER restroom. Surf the Internet for a few minutes before Storytelling.

1:00 Storytelling. I'm terrified of this class never know when you'll have to get up in front of the class. It is like psychological warfare. Today was rough...we had 15 minutes to make up our own bedtime story, using one of two given endings. Then we had to tell it out loud to the class. I'm not good on the spot! We didn't feel like we had a complete story by the end of time, but our group was selected to go first, what luck, and we got good comments. The rest of class wasn't so bad, because I knew he worst was over.

2:10 Class over, go to bathroom (seriously, stop peeing on seats!), walk to garage, drive to the kids' school. The radio apologizes to me for its poor morning performance. Offspring, Weezer, Everclear, No Doubt, Green Day, and some other good ones.

2:58 Pull into the car line. Update this. Read a couple of pages of Every Patient Tells a Story.

3:34 Get home. Unload kids and backpacks. Sweep up the bedding the guinea pig kicked out of the cage. Set up KayTar's feed. Make coffee. Pass out snacks. Eat a cupcake. Remind BubTar to do his homework. Watch KayTar and her friend play Just Dance Kids. Check the mail. Return Josh's call. Play some Wii with KayTar's friend when she gets tired and opts to lay on the sofa.

4:40 Josh gets home.

4:47 KayTar's friend leaves. She goes to lay down in my bed. Josh starts dinner while we watch 30 Rock in Netflix. Once KayTar is done resting, she and BubTar play together happily.

6:00 It becomes clear Josh's new dinner won't be ready for a long while, so we do quick meals for the kids. Microwave bacon for KayTar (let's face it, that is all she was going to eat anyway) and burgers for BubTar. I sign conduct folders and report cards. 100s and straight As all around. The report comments are pretty telling about their respective interests and personalities..."BubTar did a great job on his science fair project - gold medal! Congratulations on your award and for making the All A Honor Roll this nine weeks!" and "KayTar is always keeping me on my toes with the things she reads and says. She is making friends and even dabbles in romance. She is a terrific kid and I have enjoyed watching her grow." They both have the most AR points in their classes. BubTar is reading at 5-6 level for the most part, and KayTar is reading at a 3-4 mostly...but both read things higher and lower if it strikes their fancy. After paperwork, I clean the tub for KayTar.

6:35 Bathtime for KayTar! I find a small "present" in her undies. Not surprising...that is why we've started putting liners in her undies. We won't go back to pull-ups, but washing a billion dirty undies was too much. We have an interesting talk about how the kids at school are curious about her we decide we'll do a show and tell about it at the beginning of the year next year. Dry off, pajamas, braid hair. Fix her feed w/Miralax.

7:00 Read and feed time for KayTar. Send BubTar up for his shower. I eat some veggies for dinner...snap peas, roasted potatoes. Josh is working on a paper that is due tonight. Dinner is done, it is yummy! Pork loin, stuffed with cream cheese, jalapenos, and cilantro...wrapped in bacon. I'm not a big meat eater, but even I had some. Josh is very proud of his masterpiece, I take a photo and tag him in it on Facebook.

7:30 Bedtime for KayTar. Teeth brushing and Advair. BubTar and I play Super Mario 3 for a half hour.

8:00 Reading time for BubTar. I get to looking through old photos after he is in bed, but I keep finding cute ones and showing them to Josh while he is supposed to be I abandon that and cozy up with my iPad in bed for a few minutes to update this again. Then hop in the shower.

9:00 Lay out the kid's clothes. Watch Grey's Anatomy...the musical. It is weird.

10:17 Upload this post, add a few pictures, post it...and go to bed. I'll probably fall asleep listening to the sounds of Josh watching Breaking Bad tonight. [Edited to add: Nope, I did not fall asleep during Breaking Bad. I tossed and turned until sometime after 1am. Blurg.]

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flutter said...

okay, now I am tired. have mercy, girl

InTheFastLane said...

yep....Just a thursday....which reminds me that my spring break is almost over and my days will be packed full very soon.

Becca said...

Yup, just your average Thursday! Crazy girl! You're awesome.

katrynka said...

I agree with flutter, I am tired now too! I hope that your professor cuts you a break on the quiz, since she screwed up, twice!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the best David can do for dinner is spaghetti. Go Josh!

FWIW, you could have texted me, I would have felt totally sorry for you about the stupid quiz/worksheet, what crap!

And I believe the best mornings begin with repeated hits of the snooze button ;)

~aj~ said...

I should have taken notes as I read this because I had a lot to say and now I'll never remember it. Blurg! (I'd never heard that before you. Funny!)

Your early morning snoozing cracked me up because I am the exact same way! Drives Matt crazy. :)

And I'm always wondering what in the world certain women are doing in the bathroom to get pee on the seat. I mean SERIOUSLY! What is wrong with people?!

Your storytelling class sounds like torture. I think I would honestly have a panic attack every day. It's almost like improv and that is one of my biggest fears. lol

Josh's meat masterpiece looks yummy. I'm glad even you were able to eat some of it.

Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep over the weekend!

Julie said...

I love capturing the everday stuff on blogs because so quickly everything changes and we don't remember what we did on Thursdays.

Kaycee said...

Can you imagine a day of just....sitting? Maybe someday....

I agree...the Grey's Musical was very strange. Entertaining, but strange.