Sunday, March 27, 2011

I miss Spring Break already.

Wow, I haven't posted in a week! It was a whopper of a week, too. I suspect we were being punished for actually relaxing over break.

Monday wasn't too bad. I spent most of the day doing PreCal homework and trying to track down a new graphing calculator because my screen was crapping out and I needed it by my Thursday exam. Luckily, I found one on EBay for a decent price being sold by someone in our metro area who agreed to meet me in person, rather than shipping it. Yay! That night was scouts for the family and hospital shift for me, as usual.

Tuesday was a full school day for me and the evening was spent on PreCal homework. I think there was an emergent load of laundry done, too.

There was an increase in stress load on Wednesday, as my PreCal exam was steadily approaching and I hadn't really had enough time to study for it. I had been doing my online homework, but that doesn't really help me study, because the online format is so freaking frustrating. I work book problems to study, so I can actually learn something from it. I studied a little in the morning, then took KayTar to the ophthalmologist. Her left eye is getting worse, but he said it isn't enough to change her prescription...he said we'll do it next time. She sure missed a lot of letters, though! After I took her back to school, I went back to studying. Then about an hour later, it was pick up time, so it was back to the kids' school. We got home, started homework, had snacks/tube feeds and it was time to go to the district science fair for BubTar. He was one of the last to be interviewed, so I was there until about 6:15, then came home to wait for KayTar who had gone home with my mom during the fair. The boys went out to dinner and brought me back takeout. Once the kid's were in bed, I went back to studying...I was up until 12:45 working PreCal problems and listening to 90s punk rock. After I finished, I rewarded myself with an episode of Top Chef, so I didn't get to sleep until 1:30ish.

Thursday morning was the PreCal exam. It was fine, but not a 110 like last time. There was one problem I missed completely, it was a calculator problem and I was absent the day we learned how to do it. The rest went fairly well, I think. We were only allowed to use a scientific calculator on over half the test and I'm not used to that one, so I hope I didn't make any entry errors that will affect my answers. We'll see. After that, I started studying for my Storytelling exam (which was later that afternoon and I hadn't had time to look at yet) and skipped Govt so I could finish studying and start working on my slides for the first half of my semester long project in Cancer Bio. It worked out perfectly and I had exactly enough time to do both and get to my exam on time. It was easy, but wouldn't have been if I didn't review the material. That evening, we had science fair awards. BubTar got a gold medal! Everyone medaled, but silvers were for participation, gold was the next tier, and then a handful of kids got trophies. This was BubTar's first year participating, so now we have a better idea of how it all works. We went by DQ for post-fair treats.

Friday, I had Cancer Bio. I got my midterm was an A! I'm especially proud of this one, because on the first day of class the teacher said, "If you haven't taken Genetics and Biochem, you should think about dropping this class." and I haven't had either and I'm doing well. I also finished my exam first, which I was nervous about, but when the professor gave me my test back, she said, "I'm so impressed! You finished in 45 minutes and made an A! That is the best use of time I've ever seen." Then she said, "Weren't you the one who emailed me earlier in the semester because your daughter had pneumonia?" I nodded, and she said, "You are doing all of this with kids? I'm even more impressed by how you are balancing everything!" It was very encouraging! I took time off from studying the night before the exam to go to the rodeo with the family, and I'm glad I was still able to do well on it, especially well enough to get such compliments from my professor! After class was out, I went to the pediatrician's office and spent the rest of the day shadowing. I listened to sinus arrhythmia and visualized an infected ear...and saw many cute kiddos. I know I see more interesting cases in the hospital, but I really enjoy the primary clinic more. We spend more time with the patients and I like being able to follow the same kids...I've already seen a handful of patients on more than one occasion. I can see myself being happy in the environment for a long time. I picked up Subway on the way home, spent the evening cuddling with KayTar and watching BubTar play video games, helping Josh with his homework, and watching Law and Order UK in bed. It was lovely.

Saturday, the boys went out of town and KayTar and I had a girls day. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet at the "fancy" theater, went to the big bookstore, and had ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. I brought KayTar's feeding backpack into the theater and the ticket taker asked to search it, to make sure there was no video equipment in it for bootlegging, ha! I said, "Sure, it is just my daughter's feeding bag." as I was unzipping it and he got ALL flustered and apologetic. It is no big deal to us, but I guess it is odd and personal to some people. Last night, we went out to eat with my best friend/sister-in-law and she came over to hang out after and we watched Grey's Anatomy reruns...from back when it didn't suck so much. It was a nice relaxing evening.

I neglected to even post pictures lately, so here are a handful of my favorites from the past few weeks... 

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Becca said...

Reading this exhausts me... you're amazing!

gg said...

Love the pictures!!!

flutter said...

do you ever know, like SIT DOWN? lol, girl you amaze me

jo(e) said...

You are totally amazing!

And I love those photos.