Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things'll be great when you're downtown...

Today BubTar and I dropped KayTar at her camp and then drove to the university I will be attending in the fall. It is right in the heart of downtown, which is pretty cool for us suburbanites! Although we frequent the medical center on a near weekly basis, we don't really go downtown very often. I think BubTar has been there twice (now 3 times) in his life, all this year. Driving and parking in downtown is always an adventure, those damn one way streets and no turn streets and illusive public parking garages...but we survived it. I found a garage not too far from campus and although I had no cash (note to self: start carrying cash), the guy let me park and then use the ATM to bring him the money. Once we were parked and I figured out where we had ended up, we started the trek to the campus. SON OF A BISCUIT, it was hot today. It was 96, but with the heat index it was above 100. BubTar and I are not outdoor people, we don't like walking and we don't like we did both. I'm definitely dreading hauling my backpack around in the heat of August to and from campus.

We dropped off my transcripts and met briefly with my advisor. I like him. He chatted with BubTar and tried to recruit him for a future geology degree. I'd never been to the campus before, so we had to do some wandering around to find our way, but it was nice to look around and let BubTar see where I'll be taking my classes. After we finished up, we trekked back to the garage, but we decided to have lunch before leaving. The nice thing about downtown is that everything is right there. You can just walk down the block and choose from a dozen restaurants. With all of those options, we chose Subway, of course. We sat there, enjoying the air conditioning and watching people out the window while we ate. Downtown is good for people watching. Then we headed on our way.

I'm excited about school in the fall. I think that once I get used to the driving/parking/walking aspects of it, being downtown for school will be pretty cool...especially once fall and winter hit. Now I know that I need to familiarize myself with that part of town a bit better, learn where various points of interest are, and maybe learn the Metro schedule, too. I definitely need to buy my parking pass so I can start parking in the student garages. I also should learn where those are. Heh. It will be an adjustment from my cozy little suburban community college, but I think it will be a lot of fun, too.

When I told BubTar we would be going to my university today, he said, "Can you get me a business suit to wear for it?" Ha! He wanted to look professional for our meeting. Clearly, we opted for a more casual look...I think being in a business suit today might have caused heat stroke!


Becca said...

What a beautiful setting!! I love the urban landscape. It sounds like a wonderful day! I am so excited for you.

InTheFastLane said...

That does sound like fun! And a new adventure!

Julie said...

Aw. That sounds like a special day with your little guy. Your future is bright!

~aj~ said...

I love that you guys got to have some special 1 on 1 time like that. I can't imagine having to walk around in such heat. I would have been miserable too!

There's just something exciting about being on a big univeristy campus. I loved my little private college...LOVED it. But it was also fun working at the UofA where all the excitement was.

Good luck with everything this fall!

sheree said...

How exciting! It's going to be such a big change but such an AWESOME change from community college! I can't wait until I take that big step, myself!

So glad you had a little sidekick with you...that always makes things more fun! :)

Gwen said...

"son of a biscuit!" Oh, Kyla, you are too darling.

(I know that wasn't the point. But still.)

Welcome to the big U. You're going to rock it.