Monday, June 28, 2010

A lot of letters...

KayTar's recent ACTH stimulation test got me thinking about exactly how many procedures/tests/trips to the hospital she has been through in her wee little life! So here we go, in reverse order...

June 2010
* ACTH stimulation test and corresponding labs (IV, labs)

May 2010
* Surgery to replace her g-button (IV, general anesthesia)

February 2010
* ER visit for respiratory illness/vomiting/hypoglycemia (IV fluids, labs, chest x-ray)

December 2009:
* Surgery for g-button replacement (IV, general anesthesia)

November 2009:
* Peanut challenge (IV)

October 2009:
* Scratch test for allergies

July 2009:
* ER visit and overnight stay for a neurological episode (IV fluids, labs, EEG)
* Outpatient labs (just for AJ, I'll specify that part of it was an acylcarnitine panel)

May 2009:
* Outpatient labs

April 2009:
* Outpatient labs

February 2009:
*Scratch test for allergies

January 2009:
* Outpatient labs

November 2008:
* Surgery: g-button placement, musclue biopsy, removal of tonsils and adenoids (IV, general anesthesia)
* ABR (under general, during surgery)

September 2008:
* ABR (failed oral sedation with chloral hydrate)
* ABR (oral sedation with chloral hydrate)
* Outpatient labs

August 2008:
* ER trip and overnight stay for dehydration and hypoglycemia (IV fluids, labs)

November 2007:
* ABR (oral sedation with chloral hydrate)
* KUB (x-ray)

October 2007:
* LP ( with an IV under anesthesia)
* Outpatient labs

September 2007:
* ABR (failed oral sedation)

August 2007:
* 48-hour inpatient EEG
* LP (sedated with ketamine)
* Inpatient labs

July 2007:

May 2007:
* CT (IV and sedation)
* ER trip (dermabond for her split nose)

March 2007:
* ABR (oral sedation with chloral hydrate)
* MRI (IV sedation)

January 2007:
* ER trip and overnight stay for strep, episode, dehydration, hypoglycemia (IV fluids, labs)
* Outpatient labs

October 2006:
* MRI (IV sedation)
* Outpatient labs
* Outpatient labs

August 2006:
* ER trip for episode (IV fluids, Zofran, labs, CT scan)
* CT scan
* ER trip for episode (IV fluids, EEG, labs)

May 2006:
* Outpatient labs

January 2006:
* ER trip for RSV/tachypnea

December 2005:
* ER trip for pneumonia (chest x-rays, labs)

I *think* that is it...but there are probably a few rounds of testing that I didn't document on the blog (which is mostly how I compiled this list). I didn't include any specialist visits, therapies, or evals on the list...only medical test/procedures. Her medical file at the pediatrician's office is probably 2 inches thick. At checkout I just point and say, "It's the behemoth." ;)


Gwen said...

Wow. Wow wow wow. I feel like that's more than I've had in my entire long life.

~aj~ said...

That is seriously unreal. And the fact that she still enjoys going to the doctor is the craziest part of all!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Alphabet soup. Med school will be a breeze for you.

painted maypole said...

3 posts in a row that make me exhausted just reading them