Thursday, July 30, 2009

This week.

Monday: KayTar had camp in town at 9:30. Taking her to camp takes about 30 minutes each way, which means taking her and picking her up takes roughly 2 hours of my day and close to a quarter of a tank of gas, so I let BubTar hang out with my mom and decided to spend the day on that side of town. I perused the bookstore, finished a book I've been reading there, then went to see My Sister's Keeper (short review: i wish they hadn't changed things, but it was good anyway. by good, I mean that I basically cried or fought back tears for 2 entire hours and I'm not a movie-crier.) After the movie, I grabbed lunch at Whole Foods and then picked KayTar up. By the time I got home, it was about 3pm. I started some laundry and started my math homework (which I was waaaaaay behind on, thanks to KayTar's hospital stay causing me to miss a class when they went over THREE sections, ugh), long story short, the kids were constantly needing things so I got no homework done and that load of laundry is still in the dryer (today is THURSDAY). Josh got home, I went to math class for 4 hours and got even MORE behind in my homework. Fun.

KayTar had camp again. BubTar wanted to go to my mom's house instead of driving out to town with me. I dropped KayTar off and came home with big plans for a math-a-palooza, but instead ended up spending 3 hours registering KayTar with Head Start due to her dual-enrollment status next year. I came back home, cracked my math book, graphed two solutions and it was time to pick KayTar up! Once I got home, I sat down with my book again, worked through 3-4 problems in between interruptions, then Josh was home. I was freaking out by this time, something to the tune of, "I am NEVER going to get caught up in this class, tonight we are going to cover multiple sections and instead of being 5 sections behind, I will be 8 sections behind. Maybe I should skip class and get caught up instead, then teach myself the new material. I have a test on Monday and we have family coming in town this weekend. When am I going to do the review? OMG, waaaaaaah!" You know, something like that. For the record, this is the only time throughout this crazy summer schedule I've been even a little overwhelmed, so I do think I get points for that in spite of this little road bump. Josh, being the level-headed dude that he is, told me to go to class so I don't miss anything and commit to doing two sections a day and make it happen. I scoffed and said, "Oh yeah, that will happen. The clock will magically give me more hours if decide it should." I still went to class, we reviewed and only covered 1 new section! A miracle! When I got home, I finished two and a half sections of my homework! It only took until midnight. There IS something to that zen mind over matter crap. BubTar spent the night with his cousins at my mom's house that night.

Wednesday: I drove KayTar to camp and came home with one thing on my agenda, MATH. I spent several hours working and finally, FINALLY, got completely caught up. By that time, I had to go pick KayTar up. My mom had offered to let her spend the night (along with BubTar again), so I packed up her stuff and after camp I dropped her off at my mom's. I stayed and chatted for about an hour and came home to get ready for the hospital (my third trip into the city for the day). I left a little early so I could stop by the pediatrician's office to have her fill out a form for KayTar's registration. After that short detour, I was on my way to the hospital for my shift. I got home at about 9pm, and we decided to take advantage of our empty house by going to see a movie, the Hangover. I had already seen it by myself, but Josh hadn't and I really wanted to see it again (short review: first viewing, hilarious. second viewing, exponentially more hilarious. I cried I was laughing so hard!). It was a nice little impromptu date.

Picked KayTar up from my mom's and took her to camp, then picked BubTar up. My aunt and cousin (who is 6) have been there, as well as my sister's kids, so he's been having a ball with all of the kids. It is so nice to have him home again, though! I'm caught up in math, but will start my review in a little while. The house is a bit disorganized and I've got to finish a few loads of laundry today. The kids' rooms need to be cleaned, ditto for the bathrooms. I have three hours before we need to pick up KayTar, then two more hours between picking her up and leaving for class.

Friday, we have family (my cousin and her son) coming to stay with us for the weekend. Saturday is my BIRTHDAY! We're having lunch, swimming, and cake with my family, then in the evening our best friends are coming over for takeout and Mexican train when the kids go to bed. Sunday is family day, plus the day before my math exam which calls for more reviewing. It has been a really full week!

PS: In case you are wondering why I haven't been by your blog, please review the post above. I'll probably be playing catch up sometime next week (which is blissfully empty (except for math, volunteering, and swim team practices, of course)). Shhhh, don't tell anyone I have free time or I'm sure it will disappear!

PPS: Math keeps invading my thought life. It is frightening. You know that California Liar song, with the line, "I'll pay any cost."? When I hear it, I think, C(x)=! When the scene in Hangover with the Belagio fountains was playing, I was thinking of the water's domain and range! Domain, all real numbers. Range, [0<240]. I'm dreaming of nth roots, imaginary numbers, asymptotes! Is there medication to treat this condition? It can't be healthy.


Mimi said...

I love that you're having daytime hallucinations about math. Kyla, you're my favorite. Wish I could celebrate your birthday with you in style ... the style of going out and you getting carded everywhere and me teasing you about not liking grownup food and you kicking my ass all over the block with your wicked premed schoolin'. That would be good times.

Helluva week you've got going on there.

Gwen said...

So many reasons to hate math right there.

I think I need to take a nap now, Kyla. I'll think of you while I do ....

Oh, and I'm going to be out of town for your birthday, so can I be the first to wish you a happy, happy, happy, gray-hair free, endless carding special day? Happy Birthday!

alejna said...


(You make me dizzy with your crazy schedule. And I kind of miss taking math classes. It's been, um, a few years. Maybe I should take a calculus class in my free time...When do i get free time?)

S said...

Happy (almost) Birthday, Kyla!

(And my word verification? KATIE!)

natalie said...

Here is some cyber caffiene comin' your way. I couldn't keep that schedule for very long. And those math terms? I have NO idea. None.

moplans said...

I get tired just reading these. You are a star.

I always go to class. I suck at doing work on my own and it usually pays off the way it did with the teachers realising everyone is overwhelmed and reviewing for you. we are suckers for that.

Christine said...

hi there! did you think i disappeared from the world ? haha well i did, well off the face of BLOG world anyway. but i miss you, miss everyone. i'm around here and there.

hope you have a wonderful birthday this weekend, K.


tierd said...

Ugh - math. :(

Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday this weekend!!!

Becca said...

Those dreams and hallucinations are completely normal! I used to stay up late studying, then dream about the problems, then figure out a solution in the shower the next morning! Just in time!

I read somewhere that your brain forms new connections and solves problems while you are sleeping. So there is something to the old adage "it'll be clearer after a good night of sleep." So those dreams are helping you learn!

painted maypole said...

and i though MY week was busy. whew. i'm tired just reading this

Magpie said...

i bow down before you. i don't know how you do it. brava, K.

jo(e) said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Kyla...enough lady, enough; you're making the rest of us look bad ;)

~aj~ said...

Cracking up at the fact that you are seeing math equations everywhere you look! Yes, you definitely need help, missy!! lol

That sounds like one FULL week, but I think you're doing a fantastic job of balancing it all (and even throwing in some fun along the way). Major props to your mom for helping so much with the kids!

Hope your birthday weekend was wonderful!!!

motherbumper said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend.

When I used to code, during some intense projects would lead me to daytime dreaming/solving math problems in head -- I often missed subway stops or walked blocks past my home. I miss that kind of thinking.