Saturday, March 29, 2008

I should write today...

But I've had a killer week...

Interview with the CDF

School district home visit for the KayTar

Rough draft of a group project for English

English quiz

Double portion of Philosophy

Major A&P lab practical (which I think I made a 100 on)

Chaperoned a field trip for BubTar

And next week promises more of the same...

Feeding Clinic appointment (which will likely be canceled because it alone costs over $300, not to mention the additional cost of test, if needed. the "facility fee" alone is $120...that doesn't include the physician at all...just the cost to sit in the office. I'M PAYING RENT. my 1-2 hour appointment costs as much as a one night hotel stay.)

Final portion of the autism evaluation for the KayTar

English assignments and quiz

Philosophy exam

A&P lecture exam, several chapters

So today will be spent...




Doing laundry I've neglected




Grocery shopping




Going to dinner with that crazy Bloggess and hopefully Julie, too, if the Democratic convention lets her out early enough...and from the looks of it, that is sure to be the highlight of my day.

So this is me, not writing, but promising I might soon. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. Or something like that.

This is why I don't tell KayTar, "Say cheese!"


kittenpie said...

Yowza. You DO have your hands full, don't you?

Family Adventure said...

Wow, your day sounds busier than mine! Hope it ends with a great dinner. You deserve it :)

PS: Love the cheese!


flutter said...

Busy girl! Hug those dinnermates for me!

Beck said...

Ha, Kaytar!
So what you're saying is that you're busy, then?

Mimi said...

Lordy. Busy. Um, I laughed out loud at KayTar, because that is EXACTLY the face Munchkin makes when you ask her to smile for the camera. Exactly. Wow.

Stay strong! Stay sane!

Catherine said...

Wow - school AND a mommy. You are truly a hero. :)

Bon said...

whoa. three things to say...that's one hell of a list and i'm tired just reading it, that girl is adorable, and facility fee? you're not shitting me?

that is just wrong. but you knew that.

Girlplustwo said...

but it's all good, entirely good.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I love it when you write about not writing.


Katie said...

so, you're saying you're not bored right? ;)

Try to throw some rest in there when you can wonderwoman!

Christine said...

You are so busy! Good luck on your exams, you'll knock 'em dead, as always.

Half the time I come by just to marvel at the cuteness, anyway. LOVE her cheese face!

Janet said...

U R biz-zee.

See you when you get a chance to breathe (and write).

Ben and Bennie said...

I don't no where your energy comes from. You absolutely amaze me! Really!

Christine said...

what a crazy schedule! hang in there and try to make some Kyla time, ok?


PJ said...

Such a busy lady!!! And...I love the "Big boy" post...they do grow up fast.

BTW...if that picture of Kaytar is THIS WEEK...I am green with envy!!! Sleeveless??? and Sunshine. Last sunshiny day we had, everything was beautifully white with SNOW!!! STILL!! But today it's raining.

Can't wait for warmth!