Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bet you can't do this!

So KayTar has this little trick that her knee can do, wanna see?

Interesting, right? "It's like my knee is doing push-ups!" I'm not exactly a medical professional, but I'm pretty sure that is not the direction a knee is supposed to move on purpose. Anyway, I don't know how long she has been able to do this for, but sometime in the past couple of months, I would feel her popping it while we were cuddling at night. She also says that she does it in class when she feels bored (why twiddle your thumbs when you can dislocate your knee?). Then she showed her music teacher and class (poor Mr. N! he is a little sensitive about weird medical stuff), and he had her show the nurse, too. We kind of wrote it off as just one of those weird KayTar things (and musculoskeletal issues are soooo far down on the triage list around here), but as it was discussed more, I thought it might be at least a mention to her OT on Friday.

The verdict is: Nope! Not normal! And yup! It will cause damage and make her more prone to injury!

She said that if she keeps moving it that way, within a year or two she will start to have pain and she is likely to tear a ligament (ACL/PCL) and need surgery/bracing. She is going to talk to the PT and we'll start work on getting it tightened up and hopefully avoid pain/injury/surgery. Glad I asked!


Elizabeth said...

Yay- finally subscribed to your blog! Too bad the knee thing probably isn't good for her- it's kinda cool! And who wants to be normal, anyway?

~aj~ said...

Wow that is crazy! I'm glad you got the scoop on it and hope it won't be too hard of a habit for KayTar to break.

dlefler said...

It's a cool party trick, but I can see how that would cause damage over time! Hopefully some PT will strengthen the muscles there so it won't dislocate so easily.. will she need a brace to stabilize it?