Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Commencing Parade of Pathogens...

Well, it happened. The first fever of the school year has arrived at Casa del 'Tars. I posted the following status update on Friday afternoon:
Katie has made it through a MONTH of school without missing any days due to illness (knock on wood! she's fighting a little viral thing right now, but no fever), we've got her up to 6 ounce tube feedings now, and she is still eating more overall! :)
 So, OF COURSE, she spiked a fever less than 24 hours later. She ran a fever on and off all day Saturday and needed breathing treatments through the weekend. She got strangely spinny/wobbly on Saturday night with no obvious cause (glucose and ketones were fine, O2 sats seemed in her normal range), but on Sunday the fever was gone and she was making improvements. I kept her home Monday because she wasn't up to school yet, but she had been fever-free for 2 days. Then last night/this morning at 3am, she started shouting that she couldn't sleep, so I went to her room to give her the "It is the middle of the night, so you need to try to sleep a while longer." speech, but then she started coughing and it sounded terrible. I grabbed my stethoscope to give her a listen and when I touched her, I knew her fever was back. I verified that with the thermometer and then set her up with her nebulizer and cartoons. Needless to say, she stayed home today. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with the pediatrician to make sure her little URI hasn't made the leap to pneumonia.

It isn't all yucky sickness around here, though...here are a few KayTar gems from the past few days:
"If I'm ever President, I'm going to invite you to sleep in Lincoln's bedroom so you can find out if it is really haunted. I am NOT going in there."
"When you really think about it, the letter w looks like little butt cheeks."

And then today, she was arguing with herself in the mirror, "Stop copying everything I'm doing! AND your shirt is written BACKWARDS!"
 You're welcome. ;)


alejna said...

Thank you for sharing those gems! KayTar is so very clever. She should do stand-up.

I'm sorry to hear that the pathogens tracked you down. Here's hoping the fever gets kicked to the curb quickly.

Cate said...

so funny! hope she's feeling better!

The M's said...

That child makes me smile SO big!! Just love the way her little mind works. I think there needs to be a book of Kaytarisms. Hate hearing she's sick and hope she turns the corner soon!!! Her "teenage friends" will be in town next month and she has to stay well!!!

Anonymous said...

feel better soon!

Shellye said...

Bless her heart, I hope she feels better soon. Hope her appointment goes well.

I just LOVE her musings!

InTheFastLane said...

Darn school!!!! Everyone in our house got a little something right after school started.

I hope she is back up and running!

jo(e) said...

I love the image of her arguing with herself in the mirror! Too funny.

And I hope the household is all back to good health soon.

~aj~ said...

Hope KayTar is feeling much better today and that she'll be rarin' to go by the weekend.

I'm afraid I'm going to need you to start following her around with a video camera at all times because seriously, her random tidbits crack me up. I would love to spend a day with that girl! (Oh yeah, and her mama too.) :)

leah said...

Oh, no. The early part of the school year is just terrible for germs. Get well soon, KayTar!