Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school...


Today was a very good day, but I'm exhausted, so I'm going to do this list style.

1. They both liked their teachers. BubTar is in class with a few kids from last year and/or the year before and KayTar has a handful of her Kindergarten pals in her class.

2. KayTar wore her pump backpack from 9:30 to 1:30ish and did really well with it. Though, when the nurse came to take it off, she said "It's KILLING ME." Such drama.

3. Her energy was really great today. She woke up on her own this morning, she was perky when I had lunch with her, and she had enough energy this evening to go visit her "teenage friends". That was a great first day of school treat for her (and for me!).

4. She told the "hot intern" that he is hot. I said, "KayTar! I told you not to flirt!" and she said, "It isn't flirting. It's TRUE!" I don't know what I'm going to do with that girlie! To be fair, last year she noticed that the female librarian was wearing a new lip gloss and told me "She looked like a HOT LADY today!"...so she isn't entirely boy crazy, she just likes to take note of attractiveness. LOL. She is a *little* boy crazy, though.

5. BubTar is officially too cool to have lunch with me in the cafeteria. He did let me kiss him on the cheek, though, before I left after eating with KayTar.

6. Our school nurse is super amazing. KayTar left her glucometer in the office and the nurse drove it by our house this evening! There are a lot of reasons she is amazing, but that is one example. She really takes exceptional care of KayTar at school!

So, one (good!) day down....a whole lot more to go!


This speaks volumes about their personalities.

My beautiful FIRST grader!

My handsome FOURTH grader!

This is his "Mom, please stop embarrassing me." face
My cute little lady settled at her desk!


Any name said...

You have beautiful and amazing children. Your outlook on life and their antics amaze and inspire me.

S said...

They are so darn cute.

leah said...

What great pictures! And the girl knows how to call 'em when she sees 'em - here's to a great year with the "hot" intern, lol!

School starts for us in 2 weeks. Seems crazy to me!

~aj~ said...

A *little* boy crazy? I got a chuckle out of that! ;)

And I'm impressed BubTar still let you give me a kiss on the cheek. Adam would hardly let me hug him in front of his classmates on the 1st day. Rotten boy!

Glad they had great 1st days. And yay for awesome school nurses!

alejna said...

Glad things started off so well! How wonderful for you that KayTar's nurse is so fabulous.

And yeah, you have some seriously cute kids.