Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Author/Illustrator/Playwright/Comedienne (with pneumonia)

 The story of the time we saw her teacher at Chili's.

Yesterday she exclaimed, "A quick note for an antidote!" and pretended to faint onto my bed. She told me she was working on a play.

On the way home from the doctor on Wednesday, we got stuck in traffic. KayTar pointed out a police vehicle and I said, "Yeah, someone probably had an accident." KayTar says, "I think someone peed their pants!" 

(with pneumonia):
At her doctor's appointment, she was diagnosed with pneumonia in her left lung. Same as around this time last year! When the doctor (who isn't our regular pediatrician) looked in her throat and said, "Not much back there!" KayTar replied, "Nope, just my uvula!" That got a chuckle from the doc. She is on her third day of antibiotics and steroids, her fever finally broke yesterday, and her lungs were sounding just a bit clearer last night. Still hearing crackles in her the middle of her left lung and the base of her right..hopefully it will clear soon!

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