Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Big 10 of 2010

* KayTar made it to the one year mark of being episode-free.

* KayTar had not one, but TWO urgent g-button replacement surgeries.

* We ruled out adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone deficiency, and GSD well as a nut allergy!

* BubTar learned to ride a bike!

* Josh and I transferred to university.

* KayTar started MAINSTREAM Kindergarten!

* KayTar had an inpatient fast, which was horrific. Blech. We learned that she doesn't have a proper cortisol response when her glucose is low and that she has a large number of very long chain fatty acids in her blood when she is hypoglycemic which means her body isn't utilizing them properly.

* My mom discovered my blog. (Hey there, Mom!)

* Our home was burglarized. Boo.

* I passed organic chemistry, miraculously.

It was tough to choose, but I think I hit most of the major events of the usual, they are mostly KayTar-related. ;)


Gizabeth Shyder said...

Wow! I remember them all!

~aj~ said...

2010 was another big year for the 'Tars! I'm glad it was such a good year for you all and that you had such a good outlook even through the bad moments.

I hope 2011 will be full of blessings!

painted maypole said...

lots of good things! hooray! happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Nice summary! I'm sure glad my Mom doesn't read my blog! ;)