Friday, November 19, 2010


Well, it finally happened. After roughly 4.5 years of secretly blogging, I have been a DOLL, no less. I always thought it would be medical information that finally did it, because whenever I toss a few of KayTar's medical issues into a search bar, my blog is always on the first page of results. But was not medical information, it was a Jewel Sparkle Lalaloopsy doll that did it in the end.

My mom (hi, MOM!) was searching the internet for the doll that KayTar really wants for Christmas and guess what she found instead? THIS BLOG. I was quite surprised when she called me and said, "I was looking for that Lalaloopsy doll KayTar wants and guess what I found?! YOUR BLOG!" It was bound to happen sometime, in fact there were times I had wondered if people secretly knew about my blog and were secretly reading it as I was secretly writing it. Josh was just thrilled that HE wasn't the one to spill the beans. He is a terrible secret keeper and it is impressive that although he's known abut the blog all this time, he's never accidentally mentioned it.

I don't have any real reason for keeping the blog a secret, I just liked the privacy it afforded me. I tend to be a bit self-conscious, in fact if Josh comes into a room when I'm writing a post I close it down and finish it later. In the past, I've told him he is welcome to read the blog (he doesn't) but not to discuss it with me later. In the early days of the blog, I was very worried about KayTar...everything felt so serious all the time...I needed the privacy to work through the weight of it on my own. Now, I don't really need it anymore, I just kept it a secret out of habit. I guess now I'll have to decide if I want to tell everyone, as I'm sure there are people (friends and family) who would like to keep up with us this way, or keep it a pseudo-secret until they stumble across us on an errant Google search of their own!

All I can say is KayTar better be getting that doll for Christmas (Yes, I'm talking to YOU, Mom)! ;)


Anonymous said...

When I first started blogging it was really just for me & a few scattered around the country friends. I didn't have it private, but I did turn off search capabilities. A couple of years into it I felt confident enough in my writing skills to put it out more publicly. At that point I did share it with my parents. My boyfriend always knew about it and he reads it about once a month.
Making it more public to local friends & family does make me think twice about certain topics :-) Sometimes I tweak people references & scenarios to protect the innocent. But it's largely been just fine.
I love that you were outed by a doll!!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

My family has always known about mine. The out of towners use it to keep up but my parents and those around here get enough of me as it is and I don't think they read it much.

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed that it was kept a secret for 4.5 years. I would have surely referenced it, so I am really impressed.

Mine is not private but sometimes I wish it were because I do feel the pressure to keep others updated and if I don't, I stress about it.

I'm glad that your blog was a way for you to work through so many issues and fears and that it does not carry the same weight anymore.

Now you can "drop hints" for those family members

leah said...

I'm really amazed you managed to keep it a secret for 4.5 years! I could never do it- I'm just too bad at keeping secrets.

Well, at least you have a subtle way for hinting at Christmas gifts!

flutter said...

Hi mom! your kid is amazing

moplans said...

Hi Kyla's Mom!

Too funny. Outed by a doll.

By coincidence she and her friends were in our Toys R Us flyer today and I thought of you..

oh oh oh!!!! I changed my first gtube last night. It fell out because the balloon broke (note that it was supposed to be replaced in september) so I grabbed the new one and popped it in. No problems, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, but what a funny way for the beans to spill!

~aj~ said...

Lalaloopsy will live in infamy!

Seriously I still chuckle when I think how all this went down. I'm glad your mom has been so understanding and I bet she is awfully proud of herself and her detective work. lol

Hi Kyla's Mom!

painted maypole said...

my blog has been found by a few family members, but not others, which is almost more awkward. I've thought about just telling everyone, but that feels weird, particularly 3 years in. plus, I'm barely writing anymore.

eh. who knows. I, like you, wonder if they are all secretly reading it and just not saying. that's what was happening with my SIL for a long time.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. I was posting on your FB page today and almost typed Kaytar, then thought better of it. Hi Kyla's Mom! Great job raising an amazing young woman!!