Thursday, August 18, 2011

One of those days!

It is 3:30 in the afternoon and I've been awake for 12 hours already. Yeah, it has been quite a day!

Yesterday, the hospital called me and told me that KayTar's MRI slot was 5:30am. With the hospital about an hour away, and KayTar having to be totally NPO at 4am, I had to be up by 3:30am. I *almost* overslept as my alarm didn't go off, but KayTar slept with me last night and started talking in her sleep at exactly the right time to get us out the door on time. When we arrived, there was no one in the surgery area except for another mom/daughter duo. Someone came in around 5:45 and told us that they open LATE on Thursdays, so nobody would be there for a while. Uhh? Why did we both get a 5:30 time slot if nobody was going to be there that early?! They took us back to the PACU pretty quickly, but it was between 9:30 and 10:00 before she ever went to imaging. She was pretty anxious and teared up a few times during the wait, she was scared they would use the mask to sedate her and even though everyone promised her they wouldn't, she couldn't quite get over it. The saddest one was when she said, "But why do I need this test? What is wrong with me?!" I think she is getting to the age where she wants a reason for these things and we can't always provide them, being in the dark as we are. Luckily there is wifi in the hospital and we were able to stream some Phineas and Ferb from Netflix via the iPad to keep her distracted for most of it.

A girl and her (MY) iPad.

The light fixture in her PACU room.
She said they chose butterflies just for her.

We got to be bracelet buddies.

Lidocaine patches are AMAZING!
Our normal hospital doesn't use them, but wow, did they work!
She was in the scanner for about an hour, during which I obtained coffee and a pastry and entertained myself by watching The Office on my iPad. 3 episodes later and I was called back to recovery! She was already awake when I got there, but she was feeling super loopy. At one point she started slapping herself in the face and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I'm feeling too woozy!" I convinced her that resting a little would be more effective than slapping herself to attention. She drank a little water and fell back to sleep for a while. The entire time she was in recovery, her monitors were alarming. It was almost continual bradycardia/low HR. She came around and said she felt like she was going to puke, so they ordered some IV zofran. We waited a while and they had me tube her 2 ounces of Pedialyte. Everything seemed fairly okay, so we were discharged around noon.

Shortly after getting home, she vomited up 150cc's of fluid. 60cc's of Pedialyte and the rest was the water she drank for me. UH OH. Puking with zofran on board after fasting for so many hours is bad news for our girl! Her glucose was okay then, 77, but I emailed the pediatrician to be safe. She told us to give her 15ml of Gatorade every 30 minutes. I did that successfully 3 times, but after the last time, she got gaggy and said she was going to throw up. She didn't, but we're walking a fine line here. We're going to wait an hour between fluids this time to try to avoid more vomiting. Her glucose is down to 71, which is still fine...but trending the wrong direction. Hopefully, she will turn a corner soon and we'll be able to give her the fluids she needs! After waking up at 3:30, a trip back to the hospital sounds like even less fun than usual!

PS: Things were touch and go for a while today, her glucose was dropping (61) and she started feeling queasy ever with the tiny amount of Gatorade we were giving. She hadn't peed since 6am or so. However, she ate an entire Popsicle--first time ever--and her glucose started responding (114) and she peed (high ketones). She had another dose of Zofran shortly after, and I ran in 2 ounces just a few minutes ago. I really hope she's on the other side of this now and we make it through the night and morning just fine. It looks like I'll be short on sleep again tonight, making sure she gets her fluids!


slouchy said...

Hoping that you can keep her at home!

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Keep going, supermom. Thinking of you both.

leah said...

I really hope her sugars stay up - it is no fun to head right back to the hospital! Here's to a calm night with lots of fluids!

Also, I really, really wish our hospital would use those lidocaine patches. Those look awesome!

Christine said...

Ii looked at her picture and thought, "she's such a big girl now!" hopefully the mri will have some answers for you and that she continues to get better in terms of her fluids, etc.

Katie said...

Bless your hearts! I can't believe they had you at the hospital so early for no good reason. nuts.

Hope you both got lots of rest after all that medical business.

InTheFastLane said...

Yikes!!!! Hope you are both rested and feeling better by now.

~aj~ said...

It's a lot easier reading all of this now that I know she's feeling so much better. So sorry she had such a rough go. Poor KayTar. Poor mama. Sending loves!