Thursday, June 02, 2011

Unrequited Kindergarten Love

When KayTar started Kindergarten, she knew one person in class. His name was M, and KayTar knew him because his mom was BubTar's second grade teacher. Much to her delight, they were seated next to each other on the first day.

Note KayTar's excitement and M's lack of response in the photo above,
this may be a recurring theme. 

KayTar loved M instantly it seems. In fact, last night I found this entry in her school journal from the first nine weeks of school...

It says, "Dear M (it had his full first AND last name), I love you."

M spent many afternoons at our house this year, as we would bring him home with us when his mom had staff meetings or other work events. They play great together. They are both smart, well-mannered kids, and adorable to boot. I *think* KayTar might have made that journal entry after his first visit to our house, because it look like two kids in a van parking in a garage. She has been smitten for a very long time and a few weeks ago when it was Best Friends Photo day at school, she just HAD to have her picture made with M. Here it is...

I heard through the school grapevine (photographer/principal/M's mom) that they had an impossible time getting the picture because KayTar just wanted to stare longingly at M across the table. She told me that "It was like a ROMANTIC dinner for two!" M told me, "I didn't want to do it, but she MADE me!" Haha! 

Yesterday, they were playing Mom and Dad and they were having the FUNNIEST conversations.

M (repeatedly, as he walked around sighing): Being a mom and dad sure is hard work!  

KayTar: Why are you giving ME the baby?

M: YOU are the one who wanted to HAVE it! 

KayTar: Okay, it is bedtime...if one of the babies cry--

M (cut her off mid-sentence): I'll just wake YOU up.
 Do they have this parenting gig down or what?! ;)

Then today for the last day of school, KayTar's teacher gave each of the kids a photo book with various photos of them and their friends from this year. KayTar and M are in probably 50% of each others' photos, but these two really take the cake...

When I got to their class today, 
M ran up to me and showed me these and said, "Look what she did to me!" 
Though, he doesn't seem especially distressed to me. ;)

They are such good little friends, but KayTar is just ALWAYS trying to edge it over towards romance. It not only cracks US up, but it seems like the entire school staff is onto it and chuckling about it, too. M plays it like he's embarrassed that she's so in loooove with him, but he's always grinning when she's around. I usually don't post much about kids that are not mine, but I thought that KayTar's first official crush should be immortalized here, just like all of her other important milestones.

PS: Today was the last day of school! We survived Kindergarten, KayTar's first year of full day school! :) I can't believe I have a 1st and 4th grader now. Whoa. As BubTar said in the car on the way home, "I'm just growing up so fast."


Laura said...

Hi Kyla,

I am de-lurking, mostly to mention that you used Kaytar's real name in the scripts with M, and also to mention that I love your writing, and admire you immensely for your awe-inspiring parenting skills. I don't know how you do all you do, and do it all so well.

~aj~ said...

I am dying over here. DYING!

Of course she had to pick an adorably cute boy to fall in love with. Is he as sweet as he looks?!

Can't wait for her to read this post when she's a teenager. :)

Anonymous said...

the umbrella pic is so cute!

Julie said...

That just really is darling. And look how tiny they both look on their first day. I can't believe we have 1st graders!