Sunday, June 12, 2011


I told myself I was going to be a better blogger this summer, post more frequently and such. I was off to a good start, but then KayTar got sick and I didn't want to write 7 days worth of "Still Sick" posts, so I didn't. Instead, you get to read ONE post about 7 days worth of sickness! Fun, right? ;)

Monday: KayTar had her manometry testing in the morning, then we played at the school library for a couple of hours. Towards the end of library time, she wanted me to pick her up and as she snuggled into my neck I thought she felt a little warm. Once she got out of the car at home, she felt even warmer, so I took her temp and it was 102. She promptly fell asleep for a few hours. She temp went up to 103 later, but Motrin did the trick.

Tuesday: More fever, some slight congestion. At one point she was laying in my bed, telling me it felt like it was moving around like a car. Weird.

Wednesday: More fever, congestion, nebs (her sats were a little dippy and her cough got worse), and a MAJOR nosebleed. Holy cow, she was bleeding like a stuck pig, passing clots, the whole bit. It looked like she was involved in a homicide in our bathroom. YIKES. It resolved just as I was starting to get worried. She was a little freaked out, too, as the taste and sensation of the blood in her throat was pretty offensive to her sensory issues.

Thursday: More fever, congestion, nebs. She puked up her first feed of the day, so for the second I went with Pedialyte and cornstarch. She tolerated that, so we moved to half and half (Pediasure/Pedialyte) for the 3rd feed, and full Pediasure for the 4th.

Friday: NO FEVER! :) She went up to her bed around 9am and took a nap...odd for her. She tolerated her feeds, but still needed nebs and Benadryl for congestion. One minor nosebleed. Finally on the upswing!

Saturday: After 5 days of being cooped up, we went to my parents' house to take care of their animals and swim. We tried to keep it low-key for KayTar, but eventually she started coughing too much and we had to get out. At home, she didn't tolerate her next feed, so we went down to half and half and a 3/4-sized feed for the next one, and back up to all Pediasure and a 3/4-sized feed for the next.

Sunday: We started a 3/4-sized feed this morning and I'm about to try a full feed and see how it goes. I think we probably just over-did it yesterday with the swimming, so hopefully her tummy will be amicable to regular feeds today. She curled up in bed with me for a while this morning and nearly went back to sleep, so I think she is still just a tiny bit rundown from the virus. She never really got all that sick, her glucose and ketones were normal and she didn't have any major symptoms...but any little virus just upsets the normal balance of things for her. Her cough is sounding a little junky, but her lungs are mostly clear...just some intermittent wheezes that resolve with her breathing treatments, so that's good. Hopefully she'll be firing on all cylinders is summer and we're ready to enjoy it!

Friday morning...

Saturday afternoon...looking better already! :)


Ang said...

Seven days of sickness just plain stinks! I hope she is on the mend and your summer fun can begin! She is too cute!

flutter said...

she melts me.

Becca said...

You really amaze me! Glad she's doing better.

This is better training for your future medical career than any class.