Friday, July 15, 2011

Just beachy.

 Yesterday we got home from our little beach getaway. It was wonderful overall, with the exception of my poorly timed stomach virus. We arrived at the beach house at 1pm on Tuesday, and my stomach virus arrived roughly 10 hours later. My darling husband had to drive 30 minutes (each way) to a 24 hour Walgreens to get me medication at 1am. My hero! He literally saved the vacation by doing so, because without that medication I would have been completely non-functional for the vacation. Blech. Regardless of the unfortunate state of my GI tract, we had a lovely trip. The first day we spent exploring the house and checking out our "water street", as KayTar called it, from the dock and balcony.

Once it was evening and "cool" enough (cool is in quotations because, come on, this is TEXAS we're talking about) for KayTar to tolerate it, we headed to the beach which was extremely close to the house. BubTar had a wonderful time running through the waves and KayTar tried it out, but opted for the safety of the beach, where salt water was not trying to splash into her mouth. She preferred sitting in the sand and "getting mucky".

By the time we were done at the beach, our best friends had arrived at the house, so we drove back to meet them. Once everyone was de-sanded, showered, and pajama'd...dinner was ready and we all enjoyed some french bread pizza. The kids went down to bed shortly after and the grown-ups stayed up to play games. We tried a new game this time, Tripoley, in addition to our old standby Mexican Train. It was fun! We played for nickels and the girls cleaned up. We had to wrap up the game because both boys were out of change. Poor boys. After a few rounds of Mexican Train, L was tired and my stomach virus had arrived. The next morning after breakfast, we took KayTar out to the dock to swim a little. She didn't stay in long because she couldn't stop thinking about the fact the FISHES POOP IN THAT WATER! I CAN SMELL IT! What she was really smelling was the salt water, but there's no arguing with that girl sometimes. She decided to spend a little quiet time with the iPad instead.

Right after she came in, the boys went out to try the kayak. Josh fell over the first time he got in (with a little "help" from his friend), so by the time I came back out from getting KayTar settled in, he was bleeding on the dock. Nothing too serious and he was off in the kayak in no time, once he was back, BubTar and his perma-KoolAid 'stache took a turn.

After lunch, we all had some quiet time...especially me, since eating turned out to be very bad idea. After that, we went out for dinner (another bad idea, even though Josh and I just split a club sandwich) and hit the beach again. I almost didn't make it, but pushed through and we had a couple of good hours at the beach before I got back and totally crashed. I felt really terrible when we got back and basically showered and went to bed. I felt super bad about missing out on game night with our friends that night, but I just couldn't hack it. Tummy troubles, body aches, headache...ugh. No fun. But I was still glad I had been able to make to the beach earlier in the evening with everyone. The next day we had breakfast and headed home!


slouchy said...

GORGEOUS pictures. Sorry you were sick, though. :(

InTheFastLane said...

Looks like you had a great time!
Hope your stomach is all better now.

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Cute title! Great pics as usual. Jack had a stomach bug Friday night - threw up all night long. He rarely gets those - must be something going around.

thesummerchronicles said...

Loved, loved all the photos!

~aj~ said...

Just beachy. I like that!

You got some amazing photos on your vacation, even if you felt like poo (literally!) behind the lens. BubTar looks SO grown up in some of these scares me a little!

painted maypole said...

looks like so much fun, and great pictures! particularly love the ones of bubtar reflected in the thin water on the sand.