Friday, May 06, 2011

Signs It Might Be Finals Week

1. The house starts to resemble a frat house.

2. Lunchables/cereal become an acceptable dinner food.

3. There is always a pot of coffee brewing.

4. The laundry pile begins to resemble Mt. McKinley...or maybe an active volcano that has recently blown.

5. You can't locate the dinner table under the stacks of textbooks, notebooks, and index cards.

6. You'll gladly pay $2 (and would be willing to pay much more) so the kids can dress out of uniform on Friday, meaning you DON'T have to wash dirty uniforms.

7. The DVR is packed with unwatched shows. Same for Google Reader/blogs.

8. The side of your left hand is permanently blackened from being continually dragged through fresh ink.

9. The only time you talk to your husband is when one of you is in desperate need of a break from the books...usually this takes the form of one of you annoying/picking on the other one as a stress release.

10. The answer to every question your kids ask is either "Yes." (as in: can I play computer/watch TV/go in the backyard?) or "When finals are over." (as in: can we go swimming/can so and so come over/can we go out for dinner?)

Finals are over in Storytelling, PreCal, and Cancer Bio. WHEW! Next week, I have my Govt final and I have to record my final Cancer Bio project in the studio for upload to GEOSET (YouTube for science nerds!).

 We have found a little time for important things this week like doodling love notes on each other's hands, or correcting BubTar's mistaken perception that the Weezer song goes, "Oooh-wee-oooh, I look just like Buddy Holly, oh-oh, and I married Tyler Moore."

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Anonymous said...

good luck

C said...

this was hysterical and so true- I know I've said this before but I REALLY admire that you can do pre-med with kids- I had a hard enough time doing it without them lol

Gizabeth Shyder said...

Good luck!! Funny!